VBA Development Services in Geneva

  • Posted on: 11 October 2013
  • By: Jan-Paul

VBA Development Services in Geneva | Our Work Process

In our consulting work we adhere to a strict development process to build trust, encourage collaboration and deliver a quality product that lives up to your standards and expectations.

Step 1.Meeting

Let’s start with a meeting. Tell us your requirements and we will tell you our ideas. We can either meet at your place or at our office.

Step 2.Quote

We quote in man-day effort. After the meeting, we will create a series of screen shots that shows the key design concepts of the application. A quote in man-day efforts will be attached.

Step 3.Approve

You approve the quote. We shall wait for your approval of the quote.

Step 4.Code

Once we obtain your approval, we shall retreat to our cave to implement your project.

Step 5.Testing

You must test the delivered application. We want to give you a bug-free product if we can help it. But in reality, end users are often the best folks to find bugs. We do not pretend to be experts in your business domain. We need to work with a knowledgeable person from your side to find show stopping defects. This is where the success of a project depends on collaboration between developer and client.

Step 6.Warranty

Risk free warranty. After acceptance of the application, we allow a 30 day warranty where any defects within the agreed requirements will be rectified at no further costs.